Urgent loan (loan). Urgently up to USD 12,000 online to a bank card on the day of treatment

Microcrediting is popular among Ukrainians, especially in the last few years when banks lend less frequently and mostly only issue collateral loans, and if they approve cash loans, it is only for those clients who have a good credit history and are able to officially confirm their income.

But online services give out money quickly, and one of the most popular companies remains Good Finance.

A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one

A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one


A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one. The difference is only in the conditions of registration, the maximum limit and the term.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to take an urgent credit on a card on the day of applying for more than 10,000 and longer than 35 days, but this amount will be quite enough to solve most problems and not resort to the help of friends.

The advantages of microcredit are:

  • Quick clearance;
  • From the documents only a passport and a code are needed;
  • No branch visits;
  • High probability of approval;
  • Funds are immediately credited to the card;
  • It is issued for any needs;
  • Unemployed, students and senior citizens (who would most likely have been refused by the bank) can get approval.

What are the benefits of the service? Firstly, it is its popularity and credibility. Almost every client who needs to urgently take credit online to the card returns to his services repeatedly, which means that lending here is profitable and convenient.

Secondly, there is practically no refusal – four out of five applications are approved. The high probability of issuance allows customers to be sure that when problems occur, you can always contact Good Finance for help.

In addition, for the service, there are two categories of customers: new and regular. And both receive their “bonuses”: new ones – preferential terms in the form of only 0.8% commission per day, permanent ones – a loyalty system and discounts up to 80%.

Urgent loan for any purpose in 15 minutes



The registration procedure is simple and straightforward. Getting a loan urgently with Good Finance in 15 minutes is more than realistic. What is needed for this:

  • Access to the Internet;
  • Mobile phone, tablet or computer (laptop);
  • Prepare your passport and code in advance;
  • Bankcard Visa, MasterCard.

The intuitive interface of the site itself will “tell” which step should be next and what should be done. In any case, if questions still arise, and something remains incomprehensible, you can always call the hotline and get answers to all questions.

You will have to spend time (about 20 minutes) only at the first registration (fill out a form, tie up a card). Urgent loans from Good Credit for already registered users are available in a few clicks in your personal account (and at any time of the day or day of the week).

How to apply for an urgent loan?



The procedure will be different for new and repeat borrowers.

Those applying for the first time can apply for a loan immediately after registering. To do this, you need:

  • On the main page of the site indicate the desired period and amount;
  • Go to the design of the questionnaire and fill it out as detailed as possible;
  • Pass verification of the mobile phone number;
  • Tie up a bank card;
  • Accept the employee’s call (but if there are no questions on the questionnaire and the data is correct, most likely there will be no call);
  • Get a solution.

Regular users in order to take an urgent loan online to a bank card, just log in to your personal account and apply.

In any case, the decision is made immediately by the service and the money is immediately credited to the account.

Good Credit – urgent loan on the day of treatment with 99% approval!

Good Credit can not only take a loan with a passport but also do it with almost 99% probability. No matter what city you live in and are located in, just having a mobile phone and Internet access, you can apply. And most importantly, get a decision on it in just 15 minutes.

Good Credit guarantees the reliability and the fact that the transaction is really beneficial. And that’s why:

  • Loans to the card urgently via the Internet can request everything regardless of social status;
  • Limit – 12 000 USD, period – 30 days;
  • From the documents you need only the TIN and passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • The minimum age of the client is 18 years;
  • Commission 0.8% per day (for those who applied for the first time) and 1.6% (for regulars).

Microcredit in comparison with any bank has many advantages – the client saves enough time and can almost be sure that he will receive approval and will not have to worry about a possible refusal.

In addition, with each application, you can receive bonuses and savings of up to 50%, which allows you to apply for Good Finance services again and solve problems in the future in just a few minutes and without large overpayments.

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