Car loan. Get a loan to buy a new and used used car, car repair

Car loans have become commonplace in Ukraine and this is not surprising, because buying a car is fraught with serious expenses and the family budget often transfers it rather painfully.

But at the same time, the car greatly facilitates life, is often necessary at work and is a good investment. The need for a personal vehicle ensures the popularity of such services as consumer credit for cars.

Purchase of related equipment and accessories


Buying a car is not the only waste that a new owner has to face, since even primary maintenance is expensive, and if you add to this the cost of fuel, the purchase of related equipment and accessories, and auto insurance, buying even the simplest vehicle seems absolutely impossible.

But everything is not so scary: now many banks and car dealerships offer adequate credit conditions and getting money on credit for cars is becoming quite simple.

But if you suddenly don’t fit into the planned amount or didn’t take into account some nuances, Good Finance comes to your aid, because you can get a loan from us for the amount that will come in handy when repairing, buying related gadgets and accessories.

The best loans for motorists from Good Finance


We understand that in many cases a machine is a real necessity. There are many situations in life when taking a loan to buy a new and used car is the only possible solution.

For instance:

  • You got a job that requires a personal vehicle.
  • You have been promoted and now you need a more prestigious car to confirm your status.
  • You are an avid motorist and suddenly lost your car.
  • Family life requires a more flexible schedule, you need to transport children to schools and sections, and keep up with their affairs
  • You have moved to a big city and want to keep up with your business

The reasons can be the most diverse, we understand that life sometimes sets its own conditions and are ready to offer a solution to your problem.

You can apply for a profitable car loan in Ukraine at any bank or car dealership, and in Good Finance you can get the amount for additional expenses in less than 15 minutes without the hassle and bureaucratic red tape! As a rule, it is banks that offer the most favorable loans for cars, and not official dealerships.

The requirements for taking a loan are minimal, get it if you:

  • Over 18 years old. But you can drive a car under the laws of our country after 18, so there can be no inconvenience!
  • Citizen of Ukraine. To get the money you will also need a Ukrainian bank card, therefore, if you need to take a loan for a car in Kiev and Kharkov or other cities of Ukraine – there will be no problems!

We also understand that formal employment is not always possible, especially for young people who work as well as others and have the right to buy a car.

Considering that many banks give out a loan for a car without a statement of income, we offer a solution to current problems: a loan to repair a car for tuning it can be obtained from us without documents confirming your employment.

The first loan amount in Good Finance is 6,000 USD, this is not a loan for the purchase of a car, but this amount will be enough for the expenses associated with the purchase.

Therefore, if you do not have enough funds to buy a used car with mileage or not enough funds to buy a new one, then you can apply for a loan online within 15 minutes.

For full payment of the cost of the car, you will need to contact the bank with the appropriate application, and with us you can get a loan for a car without income statement if you do not have the required amount at the time of purchase. Situations are different: last-minute offer, tight deadlines or you need money for the initial tuning of a car.

An express loan for a used car is an excellent solution, since modern automotive industry uses an extremely reliable security system, and to be sure of your own security, you need to reprogram smart keys and a locking system, a credit for a used car is issued in Ukrainian banks with loyal conditions .

A loan to buy a car is not the only case when additional funds may be required. The car never breaks down at the “right” moment, and in order not to change your plans, not wait for your salary and make adjustments to the family budget – fill out an application for the required amount in Good Finance!

Knowing this possibility, you will no longer be nervous in emergency situations: when a car part is out of order, keys are lost or urgent repairs are required. It’s easy to get a loan for cars and their repair, and this is especially valuable when money is needed here and now.

How to get a loan to repair and buy a car in 15 minutes?


Since getting a cash loan to buy a car car is not easy, and there are plenty of stressful moments and legal procedures, we have done everything so that you can get an additional amount of money quickly, without bureaucracy and at the same time safely.

You just need to:

  • Create a personal account on the website of Good Finance – fill out a form and specify contact information in it;
  • Briefly fill out the information we need: passport details, address of residence, marital status, identification number;
  • Give a little more detailed information: sources of income, education, place of work and position, purpose of obtaining a loan (for example, you need to pay a loan for a new car, but you do not have the necessary amount for payment);
  • Now you just give us your bank card number and wait for the earliest confirmation of the application, which takes place over the phone – SMS or a call from Good Finance manager.

How to repay a car loan?

How to repay a car loan?

You can repay a loan to buy a used car, a new car or a loan to repair it at a bank, but in Good Finance it is equally easy to take and repay a loan – you don’t even need to leave home to do this.

To do this, just select the “Redeem” function in your account on the website and the money will be returned from your credit card.

You can also return the loan at the payment terminal or at the cash desk at any bank in Ukraine. 90 days after the delay in payment, we stop calculating interest, therefore, you do not risk losing an impressive amount if you forget about a small loan in Good Finance.

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